NTC-3000 3G Modem

NTC-3000 3G Modem

Smart Programmable 3G Modem with support for RS232 Serial and USB connectivity

NTC-3000 Top, Front and Rear Views

3G Serial ModemNTC-3000 Applications

The small but rugged 3G Modem provides cost-effective 3G connectivity for M2M applications in areas such as smart metering, security, farming, manufacturing and transport. Ideal for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) use, the modem lets you remotely monitor, collect and control equipment data from any location on virtually any device. Designed for reliable performance and universal installation, the 3G Serial Modem comes equipped with a SIM tray and operates in extreme -40 to 85°C temperatures with a wide input voltage range to support diverse environments and applications.

Remote reach

The embedded data module supports remote deployments with a high-speed 3G Internet connection. Vending machines, traffic signs, farm machinery, water monitoring devices and other industrial and commercial equipment can be remotely managed from any computer over 3G networks. The multi-mode data module also lets you select the most appropriate network and service type for your needs.

Serial power

Connected devices can send data over the 3G network to any IP network enabled device using RS-232 Serial data connectivity and power input via the RJ-45 port. A serial connection on one end and a 3G connection on the other offers reliable data connectivity for a range of M2M applications.

Small and mountable

The compact 3G Serial Modem includes a DIN rail, wall mount options and a removable mounting bracket for easy installation in demanding settings.

NTC3000 Serial Power NTC-3000 DIN Rail Mountable

OpenAT Custom Application

The NTC-3000 comes pre-loaded with a Open AT custom application. This application allows the NTC-3000 to operate in different modes, providing additional functionality and support for a number of terminal commands specific to this application. These commands can be used locally or by SMS to send or receive serial data to or from TCP/UDP servers using GSM/GPRS connections. Please note: Installing another custom application will cause the pre-loaded Open AT custom application to cease functioning as only one custom application may be used at a time.

The NTC-3000 modem has 4 modes available:

Features of the Pre-load application:


Technical Specifications

UMTS/3G bands - Dual ModeNTC-3000 Top View with LEDs


SIM Card Reader

Antenna Connector

LED Indicators

Operating TemperatureNTC3000 USB Port

Power Input

Dimension / Weight

Standard Package Contents

NTC3000 with antenna

Contracts for connection to GPRS, EDGE, UMTS (3G) and HSPA networks are not sold by us. Please contact your GSM/UMTS mobile service provider for more details, including coverage information. The modems may also be used with pre-paid SIM cards that support pre-paid Internet access.

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