GenIP Industrial Gateway

GenIP GPRS & 3G Industrial Gateway

GenIP 20i GPRS Industrial GatewayGenIP 20i 3G Industrial Gateway


Entirely dedicated to the most critical and sensible industrial applications, the GenIP with its aluminum DIN Rail casing, associates high speed wired connections (Ethernet) with the wireless world (GSM / GPRS and 3G networks). It allows access to your remote sites via Ethernet / RS232 / RS485 / digital input & output ports and use sensors connected to analog (current or voltage) input & output ports.

Autonomous, simple to configure (intuitive and multi-language web interface) and with a high performance (ARM9 - 400 MHz processor), it will help you along all your industrial phases related to alarm and events management, network interconnection (Ethernet,  Modbus), command interpreter, security (VPN SSl / VPN IPSec) and storage of critical information.

The GenIP 30i provides a GSM / GPRS or 3G communication interface that is always able to monitor your sensitive equipment. (Notification by Email / SMS / GPRS / optional voice alarm (MP3 file)).

It is also able to interconnect your serial protocols to your new Ethernet platforms (Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP conversion).

With a 5 years warranty, it is designed for Robustness, Reliability and a Long lifespan.


GenIP 30i: 3G (UMTS & HSDPA)GenIP Industrial Router Side View

GenIP 30i: GSM / GPRS

GenIP 20i: GSM / GPRS


INTERFACESGenIP Industrial Gateway Rear View




Contracts for connection to GPRS, EDGE, UMTS (3G) and HSPA networks are not sold by us. Please contact your GSM/UMTS mobile service provider for more details, including coverage information. The routers may also be used with pre-paid SIM cards that support pre-paid Internet access.

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