FOX3 - The Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

FOX3 Vehicle Tracking Unit

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The FOX3 is an advanced, feature packed, configurable smart tracking and data logging device which can be fully adapted to meet a host of user requirements. Common applications range from automotive vehicle location, fleet management, security, asset recovery and remote monitoring. The extensible capabilities of the FOX3, allow it to be expanded through the addition of external devices to it's digital I/O ports, CAN bus, analogue input ports, RS232 and RS485 serial ports, USB interface, audio interface or 1-Wire interface. The 1-Wire interface supports connection with multiple sensors and actuators such as iButton, Temperature Logger, Temperature Sensor, Humidity sensor, etc.. In addition, the newly developed "PAID-Features" enhance the device with mobile data logging, CAN bus activation, storing, processing and sending. FOX3 offers new features like: DATA ENCRYPTION, several HISTORY MODES or ECO-DRIVE/BEHAVIOUR LOGGING to supplement the standard items such as status reports, alerts messaging, audio call, spy calls or geofencing.


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*: Activation with PFAL-Command
**: Accessory

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